Friday, January 25, 2013

BBQ at Pengkalan Balak


last week I have good weekend. I joined BBQ with his shift at Pengkalan Balak, Malacca. the event start by 2pm supposedly but well for sure it drag to 3pm. its normal unless for formal event you might be punctual right? huhuhu

He need to handle about drink, plate and charcoal. Nowadays charcoal quite expensive meh???. A pack cost RM6. ~.~" last time as what i remember just around RM3. Selection in the corner everything raise up meh???

We took place ending of beach but we have to paid RM1 per person as the place was "well keep" by the "town pak cik'. seldom village people talk using "i" or "you"... they try to nego the price because we were coming as group more that 20, so they nego to just count by group but "town pak cik" was not cooperate with us. so still paid RM1 per head. o_O

We have chicken and "cecaru" fish to be BBQ!!! the chicken was superb!!! i hope i can get the recipe and share here next time k. hihihi

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