Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY paper bag for door gift

today post gonna be about door gift. DIY door gift somehow need lots of effort. Start to plan having DIY  paper bag for my BIG DAY! so google some example kinda lots of B2B using brown/white paper bag with doilies paper for their DIY paper beg.

Here sample that i wanted to have but i'm not that "rajin" to do this. hehehe..
Its look nicer too and after survey, below the price i got area melaka.

Brown paper beg : RM3.60/100pcs - Cowboy, Cheng Malacca
Doilies paper : RM10/250pcs - Doilies paper facebook.
Ribbon polka-dot: RM3.20/10meter
Color paper: 80mg RM1.40/10pcs (1pcs 6 card,10 x 6 = 60cards)

price for 1 DIY paper bag around 15sen!!! but time + effort should consider too ok. =)

I might give a drink for door gift and i worry that the base of brown paper bag cannot support. This brown paper that i saw in Cowboy, Cheng Malacca really soft paper and it don't have base!!! i did saw some B2B make the base using recycle box. Hello!!! to cut a thick box may burst your mode plus hurts your hand too. Like ninimohd also make it DIY she also struggle to finish the base.

Because of that, i gonna have only 300 door gift. so i just bought ready make paper bag!!! its cost around 0.30sen only!!! i bought it yesterday. 300pcs = RM88.50. Because i'm sharing with my sister so i just pay RM44.25.

Because it just a plain paper bag, i decide to deco with simple card. Here i share with you how my paper bag looks alike. DIY card + ready made paper bag.. hehehe.
i plan to tied with ribbon too. and this paper bag thick enough to support a drink i wanted to gave. =)

Paper bag now DONE!!!

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