Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hiv test at Alor Gajah


In order to complete "nikah" form, the mandatory is the HIV test and minor is Thalassemia. To do this test only goverment hospital and clinic valid. Therefore, both of us choose nearest hospital which is Hospital Alor Gajah. We walk down to out patient area and ask at counter to do HIV test. Nurse in charge of counter said the HIV test is done at "Klinik Ibu & Anak" which means clinic mother & child which just located 100m from the hospital. So we decide just walk. =)

Its take longer time to fill up the form rather the waiting for blood test. huhuhu.Alhamdulillah, for HIV test is non- reactive!!! for Thalassemia I'm not do the blood test since I already done before on medical check-up and its negative too. I fit enough to enter new live with stranger. hehehe
Now both of us need to complete the form and submit to Iman. =)

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