Friday, February 15, 2013

Baju Nikah


1 month 1 week 1 day....

Getting close and much more closer day by day. i'm very worry if i miss any for my  BIG DAY!
So far up to now surely everything still up and down. hahahaha. Due to last minutes problem from my relative, we have to upside down change plan.
Like seriously??? (-___-")
And i nearly cut my breath. huh! But is normal when you dealing with so many people and they are coming from different side and edges. My recipe when dealing with this..

At 1st minute: who is going to marry?
At 5 minutes: am i too over the limit?
At 30 minutes: BOOM!!!

calling him...
1st minute: i'm sad. bla..bla...( share the problem)
he reply within 2 sec...  "sabar"   be patient. 

alhamdulillah. like a water settle a big fire. simple!

So due to change plan, we have to get our own "baju nikah". We will wear this during the precious moment of change our life from (you&me) to (us!)

Simple, nice and cheaper...i'll share you a real pic after 1month 2 weeks ok! =)


  1. Terkejut Lina nak kawen???..hihihi..=)

  2. hehehe...dah smpai seru kot. tnggu invitation ok. =)

  3. Tahniah..tiup sikit seru tu ke sini..Ok..waiting your card..^^

  4. fuuuhhh.fuhhh... hah! kena dah... hahahha