Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hukum merokok di Malaysia!


Good day bloggers!!!

its been a long time i left this blog. 
starting new life from 1 to 2 somehow eating my time. 

how's my new life??? one word.

So to B2B and single ladies out there, get marry dear! do it now!!! its will bring you to new life. insyaALLAH

ok then.. back to topic for today.
i saw most of my friend getting noticed about this nowadays.. HUKUM MEROKOK or
what Islam concept on smoking today.

it's HARAM! 

after 400 ulamak with supporting from the verse from al -quran 

"do not make your own hands the cause of your own destruction"

video that might change a smoker mind set:

Conclusion from video:
  • from a "haram" gas combine to blood does produce semen (air mani) that's will be a sperm to give you a child and those coming from "haram" source. 
  • all your prayer will not be granted by ALLAH as is coming for a mouth that hold a "haram" source.


my husband was a smoker when i knew him. but after a first day we having lunch.
he ask me to went in first and i knew that time he was approaching his friend to inhale a dirty and "haram" gas. i text one single massage to him but at the time we was just a friend.
"stop smoking, is not good for your health."

yuppp... is not that easy like you rub blackboard using duster. give them ample time too.
syukur alhamdulillah...he able to stop it. thank you sayang. =)

so...for ladies or boys out there... if you or your partner just finish smoking, do think it wisely... 
stop before it becomes more worse thus can cause a lung cancer.

love your self at least for your love one!

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