Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gubahan Hantaran Eksklusif 2013

Hi all,

Quite a long time i left this blog. Sorry. =( I was admitted to hospital a week. I got bad cough and mild asthma. Huhuhu

Its seem some B2B drop by here... Thank you so much.

This post mainly will share with you " Gubahan Hantaran Eksklusif " either DIY or via booking to the professional. hehehe. For me??? hurrmm.. like to do DIY. but lets see the ends later. =)

This " hantaran" for malay wedding is usually will be a kick-start to show that we have to give and take between bride and groom soon or later after married. Such a beautiful culture we have right... indeed! I'm proud to be among this culture. =) alhamdulillah.

Sometimes "hantaran" is depends on the family advice. Normally and for me we choose 7 vs 9. Which means he will give me 7 "hantaran" and i swap back with 9 "hantaran".

From he to me (7 items) "Hantaran pengatin lelaki untuk perempuan"
  1. Tepak sireh 
  2. A basket of Fruits ( Buah- buahan)
  3. A box of choclate ( Coklat atau manisan)
  4. Woman prayer cloth ( Telekung solat)
  5. Hangbeg
  6. Cosmetic perfume or make-up ( Wangian atau alat solek)
7. A RING!
 but for me i choose to have bracelet. =)

From me to him "Hantaran pengatin perempuan untuk lelaki"
  1. Sireh junjung
  2. Bunga rampai 
  3. A basket of Fruits ( Buah- buahan)
  4. A box of choclate ( Coklat atau manisan)
  5. Man shoes
  6. Wallet & belt
  7. Perfume Set
  8. Shirt
  9. A RING too. =)
I shared with you some of picture that capture my eyes on the way have this "hantaran" nicely at its place. 


most of "hantaran from ARMA ABD RAHMAN was bloom me away!!! I shared with you their website. http://arma-couture.blogspot.com/  I really want some exclusive like those "hantaran". 

Soon i would share some DIY "hantaran" that make me want to do DIY for my lovely dovy weeding day!!!

Sewaan barang kahwin: http://adreamof2dove.blogspot.com/2013/03/sewaan-lampu-chandeliar-bantal-akad.html


  1. Salam,kalau sy nak sewa hantaran gambar no 4 mcm mana ye?.utk 2 belah pihak..

  2. Hai dear... i just post some of nice gubahan hantaran. for pic no 4 is belong to Arma. You can contact them and http://arma-couture.blogspot.com/ is their blog. =)