Wednesday, December 26, 2012

AUO SunPower Annual Dinner 2012 & His 24th Birthday

December kinda full of event to me. His turns 24 on 20.12.2012... nice number!!! =)

I just give small surprise party to him that i planned with his friends. We gather at Karaoke Impian located in Malacca town. With a cake and sing along for 4 hours!!! hahaha.
Then on 22 dec our company have its annual dinner that took place at Hatten Hotel, Malacca.
Dark green & brown was our theme but actually the theme is colorful. I took that kebaya and say "just wear this" "SAVING FOR WEDDING!!!". =P

Here I shared some photo during this event.
with him
BJ,Mr. Tee, ME!, HK now President, FL Ex-prisdent AUO SunPower
with my Process Tech Leader, abg sheikh
with my housemate, k.wani
with reg girlz, laily & dila
with trainer bro zack

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