Friday, December 13, 2013

Pregnancy 28 Weeks - ATT Injection (Anti Tetanus) @ Suntikan Kancing Gigi

Its been a long time i'm not having injection. Yesterday i got injection during my by weekly checkup. Starting pregnancy 28 weeks, checkup frequency will be twice a month or every 2 weeks.

Why we need to take this ATT vaccine?

The Tetanus Toxiod (TT) vaccine is given during your pregnancy to prevent tetanus to you as well as your baby. Antibodies formed in your body, after the vaccination, are passed on to your baby and protect her for a few months after the birth. it also helps prevent premature delivery.

For 1st baby we need at least 2 injection. So i'm still need to take my 2nd may be next 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Just a small dosage and you will not fill the pain right after the injection but later or soon your arms will start to numb. For my case I'm start to feel around 1 hour later. This morning the injection area looks red. I hope it will recover soon. huhuhu.

And starting 28 weeks pregnancy also moms start to count baby movement. From 9am-9pm. The movement count should be at least 10 counts. If less, moms need to have doc intention because the baby might twisted with his cord ( tali pusat) during the movement. I bet i'll count more than 10 because my bb movement so active and become more active during night time. =)

Those movement going to tell you how lucky you are to be selected among the rest to have a chance to get pregnant, go through pregnancy feeling and soon or later you going to feel it inside your arms. How grateful feeling to be a moms and looking to your baby smile. I can't wait to feel it by myself.

Hoping the best to my baby and our small family to be. =)

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